Vehicle Model

Vehicle Model

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C.F.C New Century GPX Cyber ​​Formula ZERO Experiion Z / A-8 Bleed Kaga Color ver.

From Cyber ​​Formula Series 3rd "Cyber ​​Formula ZERO", Bleed Kaga 's love machine "Experion Z / A -..


1/72 Star Wars B-Wing Starfighter

"B wing star fighter" appearing in "Star Wars Episode 6 / Return of the Jedi" is three-dimensionaliz..


1 / 2,700,000 Death Star II & 1 / 14,500 Star Destroyer

A set of Death Star II and Star Destroyer that can reproduce the fight of Enda!■ You can reproduce t..


Vehicle Model (Star Wars) 013 Death Star II

The super massive space station "Death Star II" that appears in "Star Wars Episode 6 / Return of the..


Mecha-Colle Kamen Rider 005 New Cyclone & Kamen Rider New 2nd

- Mecha Collections Masked Rider Series 5th New Cyclone No. & Masked Rider New No.2 Appears!- Fa..

RM28.00 RM26.32

1/144 Death Star Attack Set

"Star Wars" series that can reproduce one of the most popular scenes appeared!■ Combining "Death Sta..


Mecha-Colle Kamen Rider 001 New Cyclone

- Over time, the new cyclone appears as a mechanical chair- The legendary machine that appeared in t..


Mecha-Colle Dragon Ball 001 Bulma's Capsule No.9 Motorcycle

■The Mecha Collection Dragon Ball series begins! Collectible Akira Toriyama mechas in the palm of yo..


1/72 W.W. II Pilot Figure Set

Set of six different 1/72 pilot figures, including two German, one American, one British and two Jap..

RM32.00 RM30.08

1/48 Aircraft Weapons A: US Bombs & Tow Target System

15 different kinds of bombs and target system etc. GBU-10, 12, 16, 24, 31, AGM-123, 84E, AN/AAQ-14, ..

RM48.00 RM45.12

1/24 Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SV

This item requires self-assembly. Painting is recommended for standout presentation. ..

RM170.00 RM159.80

1/72 Messerschmitt Me262A-1a w/W.Gr.21

this item requires self assembly and painting.  Completion size: length 148mm, wide 175mm, 53..

RM90.00 RM84.60

76008 Doraemon Solar Car Kit "Solaemon"

Requires self-assembly, size 250 x 90 x 100mm on completion.  Solar panel included : 0.5v - 15..

RM161.12 RM151.45

1/32 German 88mm Flak18 Anti-Tank Artillery Gun w/Flak36 Cruciform (Pre-built AFV)

- Finished die cast product- Texture UP with additional new mold!- Detail 8 rich figures included- D..


1/32 Good Smile Hatsune Miku AMG: 2019 Super GT Ver. (Diecast Car)

Copyright Annindoufu / Crypton Future Media, directed by Shigeto `Mercedes-Benz` ..


1/72 Dougram Abitate F35C Blizzard Gunner

Presenting the cold-weather four-legged CB armor Blizzard Gunner!From `Fang of the Sun Dougram` come..


Variable Action Hi-Spec Mado King Granzort Super Granzort

─ ─ Summon with ultimate magical king light and voice!- To celebrate [Magical King Grandansort 30th ..


1/32 Good Smile Hatsune Miku AMG: 2018 Season Opening Ver. (Diecast Car)

A 1/32nd scale model of the 2018 car at the start of the season!A 1/32 miniature car of the Good Smi..


1/24 Keisuke Takahashi FD3S RX-7 Project D Specifications

── Hill climb's ace machine is finally coming!- RX - 7 of Keisuke Takahashi, one of the double ace o..


ex:ride Spride.08 - Cuirassier Noir

An ex:ride of the super-fast motorbike used by Saber (Alter)!From smartphone game `Fate Grand/Order`..


1/72 Dougram Anti-Aircraft Turbopack Mounted Type

The beginning of a series of CB Armor variations! First is the anti-aircraft type Dougram!From `Fang..


1/72 Star Wars B-Wing Starfighter (Limited Edition)

1/72 scale Plastic Model KitB-WING STARFIGHTER [LIMITED EDITION] --------Another "B wing star fighte..


1/32 Mercedes-AMG Team Good Smile 2018 Suzuka 10H Ver. (Diecast Car)

`Mercedes-Benz` and the design of the enclosed product are subject to intellectual property protecti..


1/43 Mercedes-AMG Team Good Smile 2018 Suzuka 10H Ver. (Diecast Car)

`Mercedes-Benz` and the design of the enclosed product are subject to intellectual property protecti..