SOLD OUT [Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla] MFS-3 Kiryu/Mechagodzilla 3

[Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla] MFS-3 Kiryu/Mechagodzilla 3

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Release Date: Late September 2018
  • RM355.00
Product Line Mecha Collection
Series Godzilla
Scale No Scale
Genre Snap-fit Model Kits

- Mragon, move!

- ACKS series, the long-awaited third bullet!
- Special wrestling made for repelling Godzilla The super weapon of the SDF, MFS - 3 3 - type machine dragon is finally sorting out.
- This time it was developed under full supervision of Professor Shinji Nishikawa who was in charge of design work at [Godzilla × Mechagodzilla], developed without particular attention to detail.
- Parts realize an easy-to-assemble kit that uses color-coded molding, a snap method that requires no adhesive.
- With a large number of movable gimmicks, opening and closing of mouth, absolute zero, leg vernier, soft parts with neck, tail and legs must watch smooth movement!
- A knife extending from the arm unit and a red eye part for reproducing at runaway are also included.
- We stuffed the charm of Mr. Dragon as much as possible.

- In addition !! This time the gorgeous specification that I draw down the package illustration by Mr. Nishikawa !!
- Please enjoy all of the dragon.

- accessories
· Vernier for petrels
· Knife for arm unit
· Barrel for changing arm unit
· Replacement hand
· Clear red eye parts for reproduction in runaway
· Professor Shinji Nishikawa drawing down drawing

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