V.F.G. Macross Delta VF-31J Siegfried 35th Anniversary

V.F.G. Macross Delta VF-31J Siegfried 35th Anniversary

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Pre-Order Details
Preorder Date: 2018-05-15 to 2018-06-13
Release Date: Late 2018-08
Arrival: Early 2018-09
  • RM300.00
Product Line Mecha Collection
Series Macross
Scale No Scale
Genre Snap-fit Model Kits

- Macross 35th Anniversary Memorial Flight!

- The second version of the Variable Fighter Girls! Anniversary model that celebrates the 35th anniversary of Macross is appearing!
- Refine some parts and further improve the degree of freedom of posing.
- The gold line also glowing Kana fighter design, and the body color of the girl reminiscent of the aircraft design, became a cute VF girl with a ponytail featured in the hair ribbon of Macross Δ image!

- Based on VF-31J, Mr. Hidetaka Tenjin designed, 35th anniversary color rings supervised by Mr. Shoji Kawamori
- A hair ribbon that imitated Macross Δ was attached to a blonde hair ponytail
- Review the structure of the knee joints of girls, hips and waist fittings, and improve freedom of range of motion
- Facial parts with different facial expressions, new hand parts included
- Seal for color ring reproduction, eye decal included

- Scale: non scale
- Size: Overall length of the aircraft: approx. 205 mm Frame height: approximately 155 mm
- Material: PS / ABS / PVC