SOLD OUT Ultra Revive GUTS Wing No.1

Ultra Revive GUTS Wing No.1

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Release Date: Late May 2019

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Department Tokusatsu
Product Line Ultra Revive
Series Ultraman
Genre Kamen Rider Belt
In commemoration of the TDG project start "Ultraman Tiga" 'Guts Wing 1' appeared for adults! 
Like a play, Guts Wing glows! Ringing! 

Product Description
From the "Ultraman Tiga" broadcasted from 1996 to 1997, the main fighter of the defense organization "Global Unlimited Task Squad (GUTS)" belonging to the leading character Madoka and Daigo (acting: Hiroshi Nagano) Wing 1 "as a toy for adults. 

Designed based on the prop during the play at the time of broadcasting, reproduced the detailed details of the wings. The light emission of the rear part of both wings was reproduced by LED. By replacing parts, you can equip missiles and you can enjoy recorded flight sounds and attack sounds with a high presence. In addition, it can be deformed into standby mode by collapsing the wings. 

In addition, a dedicated pedestal that imaged "maintenance carrier" in the Ridemecha hangar in the Far Eastern headquarters of the Earth Peace Union TPC to which the special team Team GUTS belongs is attached. 

Set Contents
Guts Wing 1 ... 1 
Maintenance Carrier (Dedicated Base) ... 1 
Landing Leg ... 3 
Missile ... 1 

Product Size
Guts Wing 1 
(Flight Mode) ... Approx W133 mm × H 38 mm × Approx D 2 10 mm 
(Standby Mode) ... Approx W 166 mm × Approximately H38 mm × approximately D 74 mm 
(when flight mode landing gear is installed) ... About W 133 mm × H 50 × approximately D 210 mm 
(when the standby mode landing gear is installed) ... about W 166 mm × about H 
50 × about D 74 mm maintenance carrier ... about W 10 9 mm × about H 21 mm × about D 65 mm 
Missile ... about W14 mm × about H 10 mm × about D 8 mm

Product material

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