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Beyblade Burst B-104 Starter Winnig Valkyrie.12.Vl

- Valkyrie evolved further with metal mounting!- Unleash an intense metal upper attack with 3 layers..

RM64.90 RM58.90

Beyblade Burst B-120 Starter Bastard Excalibur.1'.Sw

- layer[Buster Excalibur] The Holy Sword Excalibur motif. Normal mode with a metal sword fixed, and ..

RM64.90 RM60.90

Beyblade Burst Starter B-110 Bloody Longinus.13.Jl

- One blow heresy! Metal Dragon!- Dragon type special disc is incorporated in the layer, so it is po..


VS Vehicle Series X Combine DX X Emperor Set (Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger)

- set content· X Train Silver ... 1· X train gold ... 1· X Train Fire ... 1· X Train Thunder ... 1· ..


Beyblade Burst B-105 Starter Z-Achilles.11.Xt

- Balanced type bay with a metal sword!- Two metal swords mounted on the layer combine attacks again..


Beyblade Burst B-126 Cho-Z Musou BeyStadium

 Defeat two electric bays!- Electric stadium of super difficulty appeared!- Two new bays are sh..


Beyblade Burst B-107 Cho-Z Battle Set

- All-in-one set that you can fight immediately with Super Layer series!- Beyblade, light launcher, ..


Beyblade Burst B-00 Revive Phoenix.10.Fr Silver Wing Ver.

-Product details: Gachinko chip (1), weight (1), base (1), disc (1), driver (1), light launcher L (1..


Beyblade Burst B-139 Starter Wizard Fafnir Rt Rs `Sen`

-Product details: Gachinko chip (1), weight (1), base (1), disc (1), driver (1), light launcher L (1..


Beyblade Burst Cho-Z B-109 Launcher Grip Gun Metallic

 New color appearance on launcher grip dedicated to Beyblade burst- If you attach it to the lau..


Beyblade Burst Cho-Z B-106 Booster Emperor Forneus.0.Y

- Distribute offensive power of opponent with metal punch!- Metal fusion of 12 layers of layer corru..


Beyblade Burst Cho-Z B-113 Booster Hell Salamander.12.Op

- Super Z layer left turn!- Switching to the defense mode and attack mode can be done by overlaying ..