Revoltech Evangelion Evolution EV-016 Evangelion Type-02 `The Beast`

Revoltech Evangelion Evolution EV-016 Evangelion Type-02 `The Beast`

  • Product Code: KYD-EV-016
  • Availability: Pre-Order
Pre-Order Details
Preorder Date: 2018-03-07 to 2018-03-21
Release Date: Late 2018-06
Arrival: Early 2018-07
  • RM200.00
Department Anime
Product Line Evangelion Evolution
Series Neon Genesis Evangelion
Scale No Scale
Genre Action Figure

- The power of Eva who threw out the human, the appearance of `The Beast` impact!

- [Mode Inversion, Back Code `The Beast`] Appears in the EE series!
- [Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Destruction] 'Eva Unit 2 Beautiful 2nd Form' (The Beast) appearing in the second half of the play appeared in the EVANGELION EVOLUTION series!

- Shaped with a completely different image from the regular Eva Unit 2.
- As the name of that `beast` creature-like form and shadow painting running throughout the body brings out the eeriness of Beast's secret.

- A wide range of mobility is realized as a beast.
- It is possible to bend the whole body deeply by the neck root and the torso, total of 8 mm joints in total.

- Prepare effective parts for splashing blood on the head and arms.
- You can reproduce the dramatic scene extremely using torn AT field and ripped effect parts.

- Optional parts
· Blood splash effect (for head) × 1
· Blood splash effect (for arm) × 1
· AT field (broken state) × 1
· Ripping effect × 2 (left and right)
· Base effect parts × 1
· Display Stand Set Complete