SOLD OUT Pitanui Tales of Berseria Milkleo (Plush)

Pitanui Tales of Berseria Milkleo (Plush)

  • Product Code: KT-GY549
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Release Date: Late June 2018
  • RM100.00
Department Plush
Product Line Pitanui
Series Tales of Berseria
Genre Plush


- From popular RPG game [Tales of] series, Pupuyu appeared!
- The lineup is two people of Sray and Mikurio from [Tales of Zestilia].

- Since it sticks to `Pita` in various places, it is possible to use it like a familiar attachment in the game ☆

- It's easy to carry around with an overall height of about 12 cm and affordable size
- Take me to various places and adventure together!

[What is Pppuya ...]
- Stuffed doll mascot cuddling with `Pitt` by tightly san.
- When you pinch your back, your arms open and you can hug a lot of things!
- Suguremono ♪ choosing a place to stick together if you change the face direction ♪

- Spend a wonderful time with cute [Pittsui]

- Size: approx 120 mm

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