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 Introducing Crux Hobby Store (Part 1)

Crux Hobby Store is a shop which specialized for hobby collectors. Our shop located at 2nd floor of 'Electronic Anda', Kota Bharu Kelantan

We're close on every Tuesday and the following is our business hour on working day:



From KB Mall


Above Electronic Anda

​Front Door

Main Entrance

After entering our shop 1/3 Arkham Knight Polystone Statue will greet with you on your left hand side

continue walk to left hand side and you will see the nice gundam display that you can get from our shop... like that awesome PG 1/60 Banshee norn (link to Gundam section)

some of tools that can be bought here...Tamiya tools, DecalSanding ToolsMetal PartsAction Base etc

We also have painting accessories too!!! Gundam Market and Tamiya MarkerTamiya Spray CanTop coat, Surfacer

Air Compressor for airbrushing

Board Game Kits Warhammer, and Citadel paint for warhammer are ready-mixed, it can also be used for gunpla, and other model kits.

Tamiya Acrylic PaintTamiya Enamel PaintGaia PaintMr Color paint and thinner for Acrylic, Enamel, Lacquer

SD Ex-StandardSD SangokudenHGPG 1/144Petitgguy seriesMecha-Colle Dragon Ball seriesHG 1/144 ms option set price around RM20-RM25

Here also have some Pokemon plamo and Chopper robo 

look at that three limited Perfect Grade kits PG 1/60 RX-78-2 Gundam Kunio Okawara Color ver. PG 1/60 RX-78/C.A Casval's Gundam EXF ver. PG 1/60 Gundam Astray Red Frame Metallic (Gundam Base Limited) and some MG 1/100 kitsStar wars model kit, ZoidsOne Piece grand ship1/32 Super Dolphin Profia​
character figure-rise bust and Dragon ball figure-rise standardFrame arms 1/100

Real Grade 1/144 kits...RG 1/144 unicorn gundam 
(the GUNPLA EVOLUTION PROJECT) this kit reproduced the  transformation gimmick which pursued the reality appearance. We also have ver.ka mg 1/100 kits like Sinanju steinNu gundamZZ gundam and some Vehicle Model kit
1/100 High Resolution Wing Gundam Zero (EW)  This Mobile Suit's Inner frame is complete assembled using multi-material, including die cast and plamo parts. Very good weight catch feeling. The pre-assembled inner frame does have joint movement gimmick like others MG. Strong mechanical feel due to metal parts are used.

The popular HGBF Gundam build fighter series, HGUC Classic GundamMobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans series (HG 1/144 and NG 1/100)
Old Non Grade 1/144 Wing series kitsHG Mobile Suit Gundam 00 seriesHG Mobile Suit Gundam Seed series

Henshin!!!!! Kamen Rider henshin belt,S.h.figuarts kamen riderChibi Kamen Rider Coin BankKamen Rider Soft Vinyl (45cm)Rider mask collection

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