Placing a Pre-Order

Posted by Yong 04/12/2017 0 Comment(s)

Should you find pre-order at Crux is sometimes confusing. We apologise for the half auto half manual system at the moment.

Basically, everything that we open for pre-order requires some deposit payment. You can check the breakdown below:-

  • Item at RM100, normally minimum deposit at RM20
  • Item at RM200, normally minimum deposit at RM50
  • Item at RM400, normally minimum deposit at RM100
  • Item at RM800, normally minimum deposit at RM200 (about 20%)
  • Some exception beyond the above, we take full payment as deposit
    • limited release (eg: P-Bandai)
    • event exclusive
    • special order request (some older or previous release)

Balance to be paid around the release date, we will inform again at the time for these.


How to pay for the minimum/partial payment? Sorry as I mentioned about our half auto half manual system, we currently are not able to accept partial payment automatically. Thus, your only choice would be through "Manual Bank Transfer" (either online/cash deposit/walk-in/paypal).


  We accept Paypal at +RM5 per transaction, please email/whatsapp us for the payment request
On website, paypal only gets available for order over RM100 in total


You will find preorder duration at the product details page. The duration is quite strict especially for P-Bandai products, and sometimes may close earlier than expected as it also depending on the slot available by the supplier. So it is recommended to confirm for your order as soon as possible.



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