MSG RW008 Weapon Unit 08 Battle Lance

MSG RW008 Weapon Unit 08 Battle Lance

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Product Line Modeling Support Goods

- Weapon Unit Renewal No. 9.

- Lance / Double Blade (Production Termination) Appears on behalf of a large lance that can choose two kinds of spears.
- The spear tip of the conical type becomes silver molded and it becomes a good-looking finish just by assembling it. In addition to movable gimmicks in the grip part, there are mechanisms etc. for increasing the holding power and it is possible to enjoy a wide range.
- The shield attached to the side can also be removed.
- The spear tip comes with two types of simple [conical type] and [bayonet type], you can use it according to your style of your choice.

[Product specification]
- The main grip provided on the grip unit is provided with a movable gimmick and it is possible to change how to hold it.
- The rod part has a connection part of 3 mm and it can be removed and used.
- The side shield allows the base to move flexibly and widens the range of posing. In addition, it is a specification that can be used for either left or right by recombination. You can also remove the shield and enjoy it as a shield for Frame Arms / Girl or Hexagia Governor.
- The cover parts on the side of the main grip can be used to move and increase the holding power of the model. Guard parts can be used for either left or right by recombination.

- Spear tip cone type × 1 set
- Spear tip bayonet type × 1
- Grip unit × 1
- Rod parts × 1
- Shield unit × 1
- Shield grip parts (for Frame Arms · Girl & Governor) × 1
- Cover parts × 1 set

- Design: Mitsunobu Tamura

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