MSG RW0011Weapon Unit 11 Trident Spear

MSG RW0011Weapon Unit 11 Trident Spear

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Product Line Modeling Support Goods

- Weapon unit renewal tenth bullet.

- A boomerang size (scythe) (large) spear which changes to multiple shapes appearing on behalf of the production (production end).
- Tip blade can be opened and closed and transformed from `Trident mode 'to' Single mode '.
- The part of the rod can be in a form extended by a replacement part and a lead wire.
- The attached grip unit will become 'Qatar mode' if you combine blade units and you will be able to enjoy a wide range of ways.

[Product specification]
- Deformation of the basic form [Trident mode] to [Single mode] with the tip of the blade opening and closing.
- The rod part can be divided for each section and you can enjoy it in a form like extending the wire from the inside of the rod by using the replacement part.
- The attached grip unit moves flexibly, and it will become possible to play various ways depending on the idea. By installing the blade unit, it can be used as [Qatar mode].
- The blade part of the blade unit becomes silver molded and it becomes a good-looking finish just by assembling it.

- Blade unit × 1
- Rod parts × 3
- Rod connecting part A × 3
- Rod connecting part B (for use with lead wires) x 2 sets
- Lead wire x 1
- Grip unit × 1
- Dedicated joint parts x 2
- 3 mm joint parts × 2

- Design: Proslink Corporation

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