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Hobby Japan EXTRA 2018 Summer

Hobby Japan EXTRA 2018 Summer

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Preorder Date: 2018-06-13 to 2018-06-19
Release Date: Late 2018-07
Arrival: Early 2018-08
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Department Magazine
Series Gundam A

- The 10th in the [Hobby Japan Extra] series picks up the [BANDAI SPIRITS Hobby Division]

- In this special issue of the sister magazine [Hobby Japan Extra] that will become Vol. 10 this time, we will feature the [BANDAI SPIRITS Hobby Division] whose logo changed from red to blue this year.

- Speaking of the Hobby Division, it is still [Gundam model], but of course it is also handling a wide variety of Plakit, and recently attention also to items other than Gundam Model such as [Figua-riseLABO Fumina] and [Nekobusu] Are gathered.
- In this special feature, we will focus on items other than 'Gundam' and explore the development of the future [BANDAI SPIRITS Hobby Division] looking back on the various attempts we have been working with past products.

- The second special feature is [How to take a model]. We will deliver applied versions of the special issue of the autumn issue of last year, so please look forward to it as well!