MG 1/100 Qubeley Damned

MG 1/100 Qubeley Damned

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Preorder Date: 2018-09-13 to 2018-12-20
Release Date: Late 2019-03
Arrival: Early 2019-04
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Department Gundam
Product Line Master Grade Kits
Series Gundam Build Divers
Scale 1/100
Genre Snap-fit Model Kits

Batch release: 2018-12 (first), 2019-01 (2nd), 2019-02 (3rd), 2019-03 (4th, current)


"Gundam Build Divers" Official Gaiden

"Gundam Build Divers GIMM & BALL's World Challenge"


On the "Gundam Build Divers" official website ( is very popular series!



A new rose falling into earthly prison -


From "Gundam Build Divers GIMM & BALL's World Challenge"

Customized Kuberain Appeared in the Gundam Model "Kyubei Damned" Master Grade Series!


● Reproduce the spiritual design of each part with new shaping

  Reproduction of detail-up exterior such as head and arms with new modeling.

  Moreover, it sublimates to a more terrible silhouette by the new parts of the body part and the leg part.


  Head and arm

  The detail-up shape and mold are three-dimensionalized by new modeling.


  .The body part, the leg part

  By new parts, more frightening silhouette.



● Impressive gigantic manipulator reproduced with new model parts

  Reproduced with huge manipulator unbalanced in life as new modeled parts.

  Ball joints are adopted as the fingers of the five fingers. Realized opening and closing movement of hand.



● Main armament of "Cubele Damdo" comes with


  Funnel pod can be equipped with 10 funnels.

  Clear pink beam effect is included. Beam saber can be worn on both arms with replacement.



● Water transfer type decal including original design is included.



Attached armed: beam · saber / funnel



1/100 scale assembled plastic model

Target age: 15 years old and over

Product material: PS · PE

· Adhesive is not used for assembly



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