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figma Saber/Altria Pendragon (Alter) Shinjuku Ver.

`I ask of you. Will you walk with me? You will, right? Right! Let`s go.`From the popular smartphone ..


ex:ride Spride.08 - Cuirassier Noir

An ex:ride of the super-fast motorbike used by Saber (Alter)!From smartphone game `Fate Grand/Order`..


Figma Queen

`Justice has prevailed.`From the popular anime `PERSONA5 the Animation` comes a figma of one of the ..


figma The Scream

The first Table Museum figure based on a painting - Edvard Munch`s `The Scream`!The `Table Museum` i..


1/72 Dougram Anti-Aircraft Turbopack Mounted Type

The beginning of a series of CB Armor variations! First is the anti-aircraft type Dougram!From `Fang..


figma Saber of Red

So I ask of you. Are you my Master?From the anime `Fate/Apocrypha` comes a figma of the Saber of `Re..


figma Splatoon Girl

An INKredible figma of the Inkling Girl has arrived!From the popular video game `Splatoon` comes a f..


figma Splatoon Girl: DX Edition

INKredible figmas of the Inkling Girls have arrived!From the popular video games `Splatoon` and `Spl..


figma Fox

`Now! Let us strike... as figma!`From the popular RPG game `Persona 5` comes a figma of one of the m..


figma Suzuya Kai-II

`It`s time for the remodeled Suzuya to head out. Let`s get going!`From the popular anime series `Kan..


figma Arashi Ishino

`Game Center Arashi joins the figma series!`From the legendary manga series that started back in 197..


figma Nero Claudius

"Listen in ecstasy. Then trust, and rekindle your love once more!"From the popular game "Fate/EXTELL..


figma Yami Yugi

"I believe in the heart of the cards!"From the popular anime series 'Yu-Gi-Oh!' comes a figma of Yug..

RM235.00 RM220.90

Figma Rin Tohsaka 2.0

The attractive, accomplished and intelligent warden of Fuyuki city. From 'Fate/stay night [Unlimi..

RM205.00 RM192.70

figma Snow Miku

(WonFes 2014 Winter Limited) The Winter Songstress is joining the figma series this Winter! Th..


Figma Mikasa Ackerman

"Yes... this world, is cruel." From the anime series 'Attack on Titan' comes a figma of Mikasa Acke..

RM180.00 RM169.20

Figma Kaito

    He's finally here! The male Vocaloid with a relaxing voice! KAITO, the Vocaloid ..

RM155.00 RM145.70

1/20 Plamax MF-30: minimum factory Misa Hayase

Another heroine from the original Macross series, transformed into a 1/20th scale plastic model!The ..


figma Male Swimsuit Body (Ryo)

A figma Summer Vacation!The original character Ryo from figma Groom has arrived in a swimsuit!•He co..


figma Female Swimsuit Body (Emily)

A figma Summer Vacation!The original character Emily from figma Bride has arrived in a swimsuit!•She..


1/20 Plamax Naked Angel: Moe Amatsuka

Presenting a beautiful body you can build with your own hands.The body of a beautiful woman, perfect..


figma Catwoman: Ninja Ver.

The elusive thief is now a figma!From the anime `Batman Ninja` comes a figma of Catwoman!•The smooth..


1/20 Plamax MF-29: Minimum Factory My Pace Chasers/Common Raccoon & Fennec

The second in a series of Kemono friends plastic models! Build your own Japari Park!From the anime s..


figma Kizuna AI

The self-proclaimed world`s first virtual YouTuber has transformed into a figma!The popular virtual ..


figma Zenyatta

`True self is without form.`From the globally popular multiplayer first-person shooter Overwatch com..


figma Kumano Kai-II

`Modified Suzuya-class aviation cruiser Kumano, setting off!`From the popular browser game `Kantai C..


1/20 Plamax MF-28: minimum factory Inaho with Honda F90 Tiller

A new development in the minimum factory collection: A combination of machines with girls!The Honda ..


figma Guts: Berserker Armor ver. Repaint/Skull Edition

`I`ll black out everything else with this urge to kill...`From the popular manga `Berserk` comes a r..


figma Griffith

The charismatic founder of the Band of the Hawk, with great ambitions for the future.From the animat..


1/72 Cabarov AG9 Nicholiev

The mobile-oriented Combat Armor Nicholiev has arrived!From the anime `Fang of the Sun Dougram` come..


figma D.Va

`I play to win.`From the globally popular multiplayer first-person shooter Overwatch comes a figma o..


1/20 Plamax MF-27: minimum factory Hikaru Ichijyo

A 1/20th scale plastic model kit of Hikaru Ichijyo, the protagonist from the original Macross series..


1/7 Saber/Frankenstein

`Master, Master… where are you going? I`m coming too, `kay?`From the popular smartphone game `Fate/G..


figma Megumin

`My name is Megumin!`From the anime series `KONO SUBARASHII SEKAI NI SYUKUFUKU WO! 2` comes a figma ..


figma Darjeeling & Orange Pekoe Set

`Have you heard of this proverb before?`From the popular anime film `Girls und Panzer das Finale` co..