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ZOIDS HMM 1/72 RZ-041 Liger Zero Marking Plus Ver.

- Ultimate wild body, sortie!- One of the most popular aircraft, boasting the most popular and famou..


ZOIDS HMM 1/72 EZ-049 Berserk Fuhrer Repackage Ver.

- Iron Dragoons Armor Group flagship Zoid appears!- Zoids series Boasting one of the most popular [B..


ZOIDS HMM 1/72 RZ-041 Liger Zero Schnider Marking Plus Ver.

- Fighting combat specialist! Zero Schneider appears!- Change the silhouette and performance with ex..


ZOIDS HMM 1/72 ZOIDS HMM 1/72 RZ-041 Liger Zero Jager Marking Plus Ver.

--high speed! High mobility! Zero Jaeger appears!- Change the silhouette and performance with exteri..


ZOIDS HMM 1/72 RZ-041 Liger Zero Panzer Marking Plus Ver.

- Overwhelming firepower! Zero Panzer appeared !!- Change the silhouette and performance with exteri..


ZOIDS HMM 1/72 EZ-049 SturmTyrann

- [Akane no Shippu] 's love machine, finally entering HMM!- Cars for Berserk Fuller Lineup of red zo..


ZOIDS HMM 1/72 Sturm Unit (for EZ-049 Berserk Fuhrer)

 Berserk furler exclusive replacement unit finally appears in HMM!- CAS for Berserk Fuller [Stu..


ZOIDS HMM 1/72 Iron Kong PK

- PK - Protozen Knights - existence that should be said as a guard that protects the emperor Rudolph..


ZOIDS HMM 1/72 Customize Parts Gojulas Canon Set

- [Long range Buster Cannon] × 2 [AZ 4 consecutive shock cannon] is a set content. Furthermore, it i..


ZOIDS HMM 1/72 EZ-035 Lightning Saix Irvine Special

- Soul of the wolf was passed `- Black lightning again! The popular [ZOIDS HMM] series [Lightning Sa..


ZOIDS HMM 1/72 Psyco Geno Saurer

- Shutsujin Jenozaura blue dinosaur top private ... Liese Aoki. - In the Zoids anime version, the gi..


ZOIDS HMM 1/72 EZ-004 Red Horn

── [moving fortress Red horn]- Was always located in the upper level of the HMM commercialization ho..


ZOIDS HMM 1/72 RZ-013 Buster Tortoise

- [Canon Tortoise] variation model of [Buster Tortoise] is re-appeared!- Large Cannon [720mm beam ca..


ZOIDS HMM 1/72 EMZ-15 Molga & Molga (Cannory Unit Load Type)

- Medium-sized Zoids [Morgan] is re-appeared!- This product will be two pieces of the [Morgan Kyano ..


Zoids Customize Parts Beam Gatling Set

- as HMM Zoids series customized parts [beam Gatling set] is re-production decision!- it is a former..


1/72 Gojulas the Ogre

- Shishioni and phased strongest Zoids appeared! To commemorate the HMM series birth 10 anniversary ..


RZ-029 Storm Sworder

- The western continent war the strongest air battle Zoids are born!- The Terranodon type Zoid [Stor..


RZ-041 Liger Zero Schnider

*The Initial Release Limited Edition has fully sold out. Please note that the Initial Release Previl..


RZ-041 Liger Zero (Type Zero)

- Liger Zero, Charge! - New Century Zoids / ZERO], [Zoidofyuzazu] as lead aircraft for two Zoid..