SOLD OUT Cu-poche Extra Suit Boy (Gray)

Cu-poche Extra Suit Boy (Gray)

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Release Date: Mid February 2018
  • RM100.00
Department Anime
Product Line Cu-Poche
Genre Action Figure
- [CUE POSHE EXTRA] series [suit body] has appeared ♪

- [QUE POSH] is the cute moving figure of pocket size, moving, fun moving characters of 2.3 headbands.
- A suit body appears in the series [QUE POSCHE EXTRA] series where such [QUE POSH] games expand.
- A feminine carefully-minded wind body with a fresh and clean feeling of gray suits and feet comes with a laptop computer (white) indispensable for businessmen!
- Since the head is not attached to the product, please play with your existing [QUE POSH] ♪

- Set contents: Suit body (without head), laptop computer, wrist for replacement (flat hand, hand grip, handles, possession for laptop computer), clear pedestal & pillar (corresponding to sole magnet)

- Prototype production: Tao Ming

※ cup push head is not included.

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