SOLD OUT Moe Getter Robot Getter 2&3

Moe Getter Robot Getter 2&3

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Release Date: Late November 2017
  • RM365.00
Department Anime
Product Line Hyper Spec
Series Getter Robo
Genre Action Figure

- Popular [Getter Robo] was arranged by a cartoonist [Mr. Shochimaru] in a pretty girl style [Moe Getter Robo] series.

- It is a model sold as a garage kit by prototype teacher [Mr. Yasuyuki Kobayashi], popular.
- Re-designed and commercialized as a finished product action toy based on the prototype at that time!
- It was born with Moe GETTER 1 based on the truth of [cute is justice] due to the influence of the getter line [2 & 3].
- Apron dress style of departure and elder sister with a long body charm atmosphere is attractive [Moe GETTER 2].
- Right hand scissors [getter arm] is movable.
- As opposed to the sister character [Moe GETTER 3] [getter missile] is arranged in a twin tail style and moves freely.
- You can enjoy moving with your joints and putting cute poses.

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