SOLD OUT Hyper Spec Magna Beetle

Hyper Spec Magna Beetle

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Release Date: Late December 2017
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Department Anime
Product Line Hyper Spec
Series Mirai Keisatsu Urashiman
Scale 1/24
Genre Die Cast Model

- Three-dimensional rendering of miracles by high detail arrangement!
Tatsunoko Pro, supervised by Volkswagen Co., Ltd. as a licensed licensed item will revive the monument in the 80's mechanical history now !!

- [Gachaman] [Time Bokan] Tatsunoko Pro that gave birth to masterpiece animation
To commemorate the 55th anniversary of the foundation, from the 1983 animation work [future police urashiman]
The monument machine that continues to be strongly supported by mecha fan, [Magna Beetle]
Three-dimensional of whole body!
- Kanedori Ogawara Making a more realistic car arrangement and detail up with a modern interpretation of the mechanical design by Professor, to a finished die cast model with a sense of quality
It finished.
- In addition, as a licensed product licensed by Volkswagen, it became a motif
Reflects the real car form of the 60's style beatle, the interior of the car such as the console, the W emblem attached to the wheel etc Reproduction of details, etc. Also unique suspension, active in the work, steering interlocking etc of the front wheels etc. Also full of gimmicks!
- It is a high-end product sticking out as an essential gem essential item.

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