SOLD OUT Armor Girls Project : Super Sonico with Super Bike Robo (10th Anniversary)

Armor Girls Project : Super Sonico with Super Bike Robo (10th Anniversary)

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Department Anime
Product Line Armor Girls Project
Series Super Sonico
Genre Action Figure

Premium item, preorder on demand, requires full payment as deposit. Availability depends on supplier, please order early to avoid disapp- Super Sonico, to Ikima ーーー! Orya and ーーー!

- it is showing an upsurge in the 10 anniversary `Super Sonico chan` is, appointed to the AGP of campaign Girl !!
- at AGP brand, and super Baikurobo with the motif of Sonico chan, commercialization figures of Sonico chan!
- Baikurobo is deformed in with a huge arm [Robo Armor mode]!
- In addition, Baikurobo is allowed to separate into two, also possible to be transformed into a Super Sonico chan dressed in AGP-based suit!
- also clear files of original illustrations by grated draw Tsu road participate 汰先 students as an accessory inclusion!

Super Baikurobo is deformed in the 2 mode!
Bike mode / Robo Armor mode
- Robo armor was separated, can also be mounted on Sonico chan!
• The parts to be the right arm [Super Sonico] is also the 10th anniversary logo!

- set content
Super Resona the child body
• Replacement facial expressions four
• Replacement wrist left and right each three
Super Baikurobo body
· Pedestal set

Clear file (original illustration)ointment.

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