Armor Girls Project : Super Sonico with Super Bike Robo (10th Anniversary)

Armor Girls Project : Super Sonico with Super Bike Robo (10th Anniversary)

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Product LineArmor Girls Project
SeriesSuper Sonico
GenreAction Figure

Premium item, preorder on demand, requires full payment as deposit. Availability depends on supplier, please order early to avoid disapp- Super Sonico, to Ikima ーーー! Orya and ーーー!

- it is showing an upsurge in the 10 anniversary `Super Sonico chan` is, appointed to the AGP of campaign Girl !!
- at AGP brand, and super Baikurobo with the motif of Sonico chan, commercialization figures of Sonico chan!
- Baikurobo is deformed in with a huge arm [Robo Armor mode]!
- In addition, Baikurobo is allowed to separate into two, also possible to be transformed into a Super Sonico chan dressed in AGP-based suit!
- also clear files of original illustrations by grated draw Tsu road participate 汰先 students as an accessory inclusion!

Super Baikurobo is deformed in the 2 mode!
Bike mode / Robo Armor mode
- Robo armor was separated, can also be mounted on Sonico chan!
• The parts to be the right arm [Super Sonico] is also the 10th anniversary logo!

- set content
Super Resona the child body
• Replacement facial expressions four
• Replacement wrist left and right each three
Super Baikurobo body
· Pedestal set

Clear file (original illustration)ointment.