SOLD OUT 1/400 Evangelion Unit 13 Giji Shinka No.3+ Form (Presumption)

1/400 Evangelion Unit 13 Giji Shinka No.3+ Form (Presumption)

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Series Neon Genesis Evangelion
Scale 1/400
Genre Snap-fit Model Kit

At the Kotobukiya Plastic model series "Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Q" Evangelion No. 13 Pseudo Shinning 3 + Form (Estimated) finally commercialized!

Like the existing Evangelion series the scale notation will become three-dimensional at 1/400 scale.

We will provide everyone with evolutionary form No. 13 pseudo-synched 3 + form (estimate) with precise articulation design by CAD design and modeling of sophisticated form created with prototype hands.

Gimmick commentary

■ Movement of the mouth can be reproduced with no change by moving.

■ The thigh front and kneecap move in conjunction with each other.

■ It is possible to reproduce by replacing the development state of the sub arm.

■ When facing upward, the throat moves in conjunction with it.

■ It is possible to reproduce the spear in the convergence state using the joint parts and the handle of two pieces. (Only one convergence state can be reproduced.)

Partly painted place

■ Pseudo-Shinning 3+ The pupil at the time of the form, the pupil at the normal time is reproduced by painting.


Spear x 2, flying base, pedestal of light ring support parts connecting to flying base, set of sub arm deployment parts,

Horno support parts, light ring, joint parts for convergence lance spear reproduction, buttock parts for flying base correspondence

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