SOLD OUT Digimon Digital Monster ver. 20th - Brown

Digimon Digital Monster ver. 20th - Brown

  • Product Code: PBD-1000110978-Brown
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Release Date: Late June 2017
  • RM250.00
Department Digimon
Series Digimon

Preorder the 20th Anniversary Digital Monster
1. Include Digimon data from version 1 to version 5. (Total trainable 134, include data of 154 digimon including combine and secret)
2. Brown special: Agumon, Gray Special Gabumon
3. Special Digimon Zubamon for the 20th ver.
4. Train 2 digimon at the same time
5. Shorter training time to get final evolution (2days to final)
6. Web ready for D-1 Grand Prix (I think Japan only? Maybe)

Full payment required for preorder
Release June 2017

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