SOLD OUT RZ-041 Liger Zero (Type Zero)

RZ-041 Liger Zero (Type Zero)

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Release Date: Mid August 2017
  • RM240.00
Series Zoids

- Liger Zero, Charge! 

- New Century Zoids / ZERO], [Zoidofyuzazu] as lead aircraft for two Zoids anime, 
Boasts one of the most popular name recognition among the few aircraft have [Liger Zero] The HMM series lineup! 

- To reproduce the details and details of the Liger Zero is the silhouette thing, of course, the biggest aircraft 
Characterized [gimmick each removable armor] was fully reproduced. 
Rear [Iontabobusuta expand as well set. 
- More Zoids: New Century / ZERO hero of the [bit] includes a painted pilot figure, and 
Further enhances the atmosphere. 
- White color scheme was based on an impressive multi-color kits are reproduced by simply assembling 
Set close to the finish in sight. Also includes more special decals. 
- Movable joints and feedback gained in such gimmicks and Seibataiga Blade, 
Flying three mechanical base (sold separately), so we also support, 
- Heavily instincts left] You can have impressive displays in action poses a unique zero liger.

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