HG 1/144 Great Mazinger (Mazinger Z: Infinity Ver.)

HG 1/144 Great Mazinger (Mazinger Z: Infinity Ver.)

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Pre-Order Details
Preorder Date: 2018-05-10 until finish slot
Release Date: Late 2018-09
Arrival: Early 2018-10
  • RM160.00
Department Anime
Product Line High Grade Kits
Series Mazinger Z
Scale No Scale
Genre Snap-fit Model Kit

- Three-dimensionalized at 1/144 scale [Great Mazinger] that appeared in 2018 [Mazinger Z / INFINITY in theaters version]. The total height is about 185 mm.

- Under the supervision of Mr. Yasuyuki Yanase Mechanical Designer, the proportions in the play and distinctive details are thoroughly reproduced with completely new modeling.
- Equipped with joint parts made of KPS material, making it possible to reproduce the intense action scenes in the play.
- [Right hand for Thunderbreak] [Double Mazinger Blade] With abundant optional parts such as movie image can reproduce theatrical scene.
- It is possible to reproduce the flight scene with the attached scramble dash and display base.

- accessories
· Scramble dash × 1
· Mazinger blade × 2
· Hand Parts × 6 (Thunder Break Reproduction Hand Right · Handshake Hand Right · Hand Weapon Hand Right Hand · Handrail Left Hand)
· Display base × 1

- Product content
· Molded article × 13
· Seal × 1
· Instruction manual × 1