Frame Arms 1/100 Type 32-5 Zenrai:Re

Frame Arms 1/100 Type 32-5 Zenrai:Re

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Product LineFrame Arms
SeriesFrame Arms
GenreSnap-fit Model Kits

- A land-based warfare machine [Raiki (sorcerer)] to be a variator of thunderstorms appeared.

- It was reborn as a proximity fighter aircraft with a light silhouette that is different from gun battle type thunder strikes.

- Refreshed molding color, changed to Ryuzo's original color focusing on sand yellow.
- [New Armor Parts] and [MSG Weapon Unit] are included.
- For the elementary body, [Frame Architect Renewal Ver.] Is used, and each part can be exchanged with other aircraft being released.

[: Change element of RE version]
- Use [Frame Architect Renewal Ver.] As the elementary frame. The range of motion, stability has improved from the previous version.
- Frame assembled. Made of PS material.