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1/24 Mitsubishi Lancer GSR Evolution 4

This item requires self-assembly. Painting and cement is required for assemble...

RM110.00 RM97.90

1/24 Sugo Asurada G.S.X

- Anime of the future setting reality! The long-awaited Asurada GSX appeared!- At the 56th Shizuoka ..


1/24 Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SV

This item requires self-assembly. Painting is recommended for standout presentation. ..

RM170.00 RM151.30

76008 Doraemon Solar Car Kit "Solaemon"

Requires self-assembly, size 250 x 90 x 100mm on completion.  Solar panel included : 0.5v - 15..

RM161.12 RM143.40

1/24 R34 Skyline GT-R V-spec II (Bayside Blue)

- From the pre-paint model Li seeds of popular, Nissan in the finish comparable to PuromoderaSports ..


1/28 Knight Trailer Truck

- Knight Foundation trailer is back!- Knight Foundation trailer was active as a secret base of the K..


1/24 Knight2000 K.I.T.T. SeasonIV

The new work appears from the Knight Rider of the continuation of selling all. It is a product of ma..


1/24 Knight 2000 K.I.T.T. Season I

Copyright Knight Rider is a trademark and copyright of Universal Studios. All rights reserved...


1/24 Fujiwara Takumi 86 Trueno Specification Volume 37

- The specification of 37 volumes of Takumi Trueno popular. Was reproduced in a new mold roll cage a..


1/24 Vertex FD3S RX-7 `99

- Continue to accelerate! Custom car lineup !!- In the aero parts and outside wheel is also the curr..


1/24 Vertex S15 Silvia `99

- S15 of No.08 Sylvia VERTEX RIDGE full aero front bumper, front and rear fenders, side step rear bu..


1/24 Toyota MX41 Mark II / Chaser `79

- 1/24 continue to line up a standard car model of scale [The ★ model car series] latest work, the o..


1/24 Toyota RA35 Celica LB2000GT `77

- GT with a name to go the high road ♪- No.37 is Celica LB. Lift back. LB2000GT dedicated etching pa..


1/24 Toyota TA22 Celica 1600GT `72

- GT with a name to go the high road ♪- No.36 is of Dharma Celica. 1600GT dedicated etching parts al..


1/24 Mazda FD3S RX-7 `96

- [The model car series] is from light trucks, such as the Sambar to super sport was including R35GT..


1/43 Ituki Takeuchi AE85 Levin

- Fujihara Takumi's best friend, Takeuchi Tree's favorite car AE85 Levin was reproduced.- The miniat..


1/35 Penelope

- Sci-Fi super masterpiece Super Mario net masterpiece Thunderbird's kit is resurrected!- Plating pa..


1/32 Noguchi Shouji Fuufumaru

- Okayama's heavyweight, Noguchi Commercial a long-awaited commercialization!- Value decorator Extra..


1/24 LB Works R35 GT-R type1.5

- Appears at the latest face!- Reproduced the R35 wearing the latest face announced from Liberty Wal..


1/24 Nissan BNR34 Skyline 25GT Turbo `01 Custom Wheel

- The last straight six Ska G direct line of direct blood, the commemoration commemorating the birth..


1/24 Nissan BNR34 Skyline 25GT Turbo `01

- The last straight six Ska G direct line of direct blood, the commemoration commemorating the birth..


1/24 Charge Mazda 767B

- The seventh version of nostalgia C car series is Charge Mazda 767 B who participated in 1989 Le Ma..


1/24 Calsonic NISSAN R89C

- The know-how accumulated so far by Nissan Motor and the latest data obtained in the race are state..