Model Kits

Model Kits

Self-assemble kit from anime character, mecha or add-on for customization.

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MSG RW009 Weapon Unit 09 New Sniper Rifle

- Weapon Unit Renewal Project No. 7.- We will completely renew some items from the long series which..


MSG RW021 Weapon Unit 21 Water Arms

- Weapon Unit Renewal Project No. 8.- We will completely renew some items from the long series which..


HG 1/144 Jegan D Type [Escort Team Custom]

Djangan D type outburst - From "Mobile Suit Gundam NT", Jegan customized the aircraft to the special..


HG 1/144 Leo [Flight Unit]

20% Deposit Required to orderProduct Details-------------------- Equipped with a flight unit,Rio att..


RE/100 Jagd Doga [Quess Paraya]

From "Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Counterattack", Yakut Doga (Quess Air Machine) appears at RE / 100!T..


MG 1/100 Geara Doga (Unicorn Ver. RE:0096)

From "Mobile Suit Gundam UC", Gila Dauga is commercialized in the master grade series.Adopted the co..


MG 1/100 Hyaku Shiki Crash

-----------------------------------------"Gundam Build Divers" Official Gaiden"Gundam Build Divers G..


Furai Model Transformers Optimus Prime

- New products of Flame Toys' new model series [Windmill model], [Transformers] series are mainly be..


1/72 A-10C Thunderbolt II (1 unit)

- Added armed parts to [VF - 4] on sale on sale [DX version] appeared!- [Super Dimension Fortress Ma..


1/72 Armored Core Crest CR-C89E Oracle Ver.

- Who will be the last mercenary (last raven).- Great popularity! In [Armored Core VI series], [Alli..


1/48 Xenoblade Chronicles Formula

- Monolith Soft delivers RPG, [Xenoblade 2], [Sirene] commercialized with a plastic model!- Commerci..


1/16 Luna Gans

- 1/16 scale painted finished product model [Lunagans] appears from a new overseas manufacturer [EAR..


MG 1/100 Impulse Gundam Blanche

Premium Bandai Limited. Image shown completely assembled product. This item requires self assembly. ..


Neko Busou (Common) (Single)

This purchase a single set, please choose A/B/C/D in the comment during checkout or we will ship ran..


RG 1/144 Wing Gundam Zero EW [Clear Color] "The Gundam Base Tokyo Limited"

Limited Gundam model of the official Gundam Model "Gundam base" for Gundam fans worldwideAppeared on..


1/1000 Polmeria Class Assault Space Mother Ship Guardian Color

Collection of ships of "Space Battleship Yamato 2199" on 1/1000 scale!1/1000 scale Plastic model Per..


1/20 Scope Dog Turbo Custom Sansa Battlefield Kiriko Machine / Mosa Machine

"Armored Trooper Votoms" special issue! ! -----------------------------------------------------..


1/20 Scope Dog Sansa Battlefield Lehman Machine

"Armored Trooper Votoms" special issue! ! -----------------------------------------------------..


Frame Arms 1/100 Extend Arms 07 (Guided Missile Improved Hawk)

- [Armor unit of Sanshin Type 3 Type Derived Improvement Hawk mounted Horai] is released as a single..


MSG MH22 Heavy Weapon Unit Exenith Wing

 Heavy Weapon Series This is a flight unit aiming for further heightening of expandability by a..


1/24 Hexa Gear Voltrex LA Ver.

[Explanation of aircraft]- Earth Klein - Manufacturers of mass-produced machines became the fleet of..


1/20 Plamax Naked Angel: Moe Amatsuka

Presenting a beautiful body you can build with your own hands.The body of a beautiful woman, perfect..


RG 1/144 Tallgeese II

-------------------- - To the beautiful beautiful blue knight battlefield - -------------------- Fro..


1/100 High Resolution Model Wing Gundam EW

-------------------- - Another high-resolved wing - -------------------- High resolution wings weave..


1/20 Plamax MF-29: Minimum Factory My Pace Chasers/Common Raccoon & Fennec

The second in a series of Kemono friends plastic models! Build your own Japari Park!From the anime s..


MODEROID Rk-91/92 Savage (Olive)

A plastic model kit of the first model of the Savage! Parts are included to make both versions of th..


Figure-rise Standard Super Saiyan Broly Full Power

- From the movie [Dragon Ball Ultra Broker], make the strongest Saya man's garbage 3D!- Reproduce th..


HGPG 1/144 Petitgguy Chara`Gguy Ayame

- [Gundam Build Divers] appeared as a pretty ayame!- Ayame's face parts are selection formula of [wi..


1/6 Shadow Stormtrooper

Three-dimensional blackjack trooper appearing in "Comic · Novel" of "Star Wars" on 1/6 scale!■ Vario..


1/1000 U.N.C.F. AAA-Class DX

- Andromeda class battleship appearing in [space battleship Yamato 2202 love warriors] is three-dime..


LED Unit for PG 1/60 Gundam Exia

- LED unit that can feel the behavior of particles spreading from the GN drive to the whole body!- C..


Figure-rise Mechanics Haro

- Kanou Ogawara Kono Okawara Halo packed with the attention of the design is the first three dimensi..


HGBD Mobile Doll Sarah

- From [Gundam Build Divers], Gundam gets hold of the key of the story![accessories]· Replacement he..


Figure-rise Mechanics Bulma`s Variable No.19 Motorcycle

- Bulma bike that appeared in the door painting of cartoon [Dragon Ball] is three-dimensional!- Vari..


SD Cross Silhouette Great Mazinger

- Highter Getrobo's SDCS series start! As the first step, global IP [Great Mazinger] is three-dimens..