Complete Selection Modification (CSM) Blay Buckle, Rouze Absorber & Blay Rouzer set

Complete Selection Modification (CSM) Blay Buckle, Rouze Absorber & Blay Rouzer set

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Department Kamen Rider
Product Line Complete Selection Modification
Series Kamen Rider Blade
Scale 1/1
Genre Kamen Rider Belt
In commemoration of the 15th anniversary of "Masked Rider Sword", "Bray Buckle" "Bray Lower User" appeared in adult item "CSM" 
~ project a huge Orichalcum element with wireless communication! 

Product Description As
the 22nd of the premium toy series for adults 【COMPLETE SELECTION MODIFICATION (Complete Selection Modification / Abbreviation CSM)】, as the 22nd bullet, from the "Masked Rider Sword" broadcasted from 2004 to 2005, the leading character · Kazen Kenzaki "CSM Bray Buckle & Row's Absorber & Bray Raeza" which is a set including a transformation belt "Bray Buckle", a power up item "Rouse Absorber" and a weapon "Bray Lower House" 

<Bray buckle> 
"Round belt appearance sound" is activated by inserting the Rouse card into the belt buckle and attaching the left belt belt belt to the buckle. When you attach the belt belt to the right waist side of the buckle, "Transformation standby sound" is activated, and pulling the lever will activate "Transformation sound". At this time, the bray buckle and the attached projector wirelessly communicate, and the giant light gate "Orichalcum Element" is projected as well as in the play, so you can enjoy a realistic transformation play. 

Also equipped with speech playing function. By pressing the top face button of the bra buckle, the main line of the main character · Kazuma Kenzaki is played. A BGM button is placed on the bottom, and you can play multiple BGM such as "awakening" "take it a try". 

<Rouss absorber> Rebuilt the 
details with reference to Prop during the play, and shape it with a new mold. It is possible to transform into Jack Form and King Form by replacing the plate during play. In addition, transformation action with no plate inserted can reproduce the Jack Form transforming sequence in the play. 

Rebuilt the details with reference to Prop during the play. It became larger from the toy at the time of broadcasting, and it is modeled with a big size of about 715 mm in length. The sound which is activated by scanning the included ROUZE card is reproduced in the play.Also, when you operate the new sound effect button, activate "throwing cards" and "undoing seal sounds". By turning on the serif mode, it is possible to activate Attack / Special Move voice while sound Kazukane Kazuma's voice. 

Recorded 36 kinds of all around ROUZE card used by Blade. Scanning the bar code printed on it with a brain launer will trigger unique sounds and display numerical values ​​on the seg. 

※ 1 The ROUZE card attached to this product is made with the same standard as the "ROOSE CARD SERIES" released in 2004 but does not guarantee the operation when scanning with "XXXX DX BRAY LAUZER" . Please note. 

※ 2 Bailleauzer attached to this product does not guarantee operation when scanning "Rows Card Series" released in 2004. Please note. 

* 3 Bray liezer attached to this product does not correspond to "Rouse Card Archives" released in 2014. 

Set contents
Bray buckle ... 1 
Rouse's absorber ... 1 
Blade Jack form plate ... 1 
Blade King form plate ... 1 
Braire Lower ™ ... 1 
Diamante edge (replacement tip part) ... 1 
Lauser holster ... 1 
Orichalcum element projector ... 1
Rouse card ... 36 

Product size
Bray buckle ... around the waist About 75 cm ~ 95 cm 
Rouse's absorber ... Total length about 154 mm × width about 120 mm 
Blade Jack / King Form plate ... Vertical about 83 mm × side about 60 mm 
Braire Rowser ... Total length about 715 mm × width about 132 mm 
Diamante edge (Replacement tip part) ... About 340 mm 
Lowser holster ... Vertical approximately 202 mm × Side approximately 142 mm 
Orichalcum element Projector ... Vertical Approximately 123 mm × Side approximately 63 mm 
Rouse's Card ... Vertical Approximately 86 mm × Side approximately 59 mm 

Product Material
Blake Buckle ... ABS, PC, PVC, POM, nylon 
Rouse Abuzo over bar ... ABS, PC, nylon 
plate ... ABS 
Bureirauza ... ABS, PC, PVC 
Diamante edge (replacement point of a sword parts) ... ABS, PVC 
Orichalcum element projector ... ABS 
Rouse card ... PET 

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