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63657 Tamiya Official Mini 4WD Guide 2017-2018

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Japanese Magazine
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Table of contents

【Official book which condensed Mini 4WD further rising after celebrating 35th anniversary】 We will celebrate the 35th anniversary from the launch of the first product and fully convey the charm of the mini 4WD which has evolved to "culture" beyond the frame of "Hobby" Official Mook to be released also appeared in 2017. Including full countermeasure setting of "Mini 4WD Japan Cup 2017" which has 4 basic layouts, special gravure by the power of "Condile" which rises more and more, the latest situation of Mini 4WD AI which changes future living, etc "We will deliver the information full of information. Also, introduce the points of machine assembly & tune-up with "starter pack" as an example. We will explain the structure and effect of the upgrade parts firmly and support beginner racers. Promeller · Hasegawa master × popular YouTuber · Mini Quadrillan painting troubleshooting technique also do not miss. Special interview, voice actor · Tokui Aozora, J - League · Shimizu S-Pulse's Western Yohei, Murata Kazuya, Kamada Shouya player appeared. Everyone told me the hot feelings for Mini 4WD. In addition, the binding appendix is ​​a special dressup sticker for all machines. It is a book that you can enjoy mini 4WD.

【CONTENTS】 ● Mini 4WD Japan Cup 2017 Great Cross Circuit 2017 Complete Great Anatomy! ● Mini 4WD 35 Year History ● Crown the Champions' Cap ● Current Machine All Catalog ● 4 Comic Manga "Young Men" ● Let's start Mini 4WD at Starter Pack! ● Check "Mini 4WD official recognition rules"! ● GRADE UP PARTS GUIDE ● Mini 4 Lehman apprentices to Hasegawa master! Painting trouble solving course ● Kae chan challenges the official recognition competition! ● Japan Cup 2016 area representative decision battle best prize published entirely! Condile Museum ● Condéle Master's machine runs! Mini 4WD Dream Gravure ● Tips for Mini 4WD Photography Shown by Professionals ● Impacted by Condée as seen by the editorial office at the official competition site ● Mini 4WD AI will change the living of the future! ● Evolution of Fab Racers can not stop! ● Champions Machine Gallery ● Japan's Mini 4WD CIRCUIT100 Featured Shop Selection 【SPECIAL INTERVIEW】 ● Tokui Aozora / ● Shimizu ESPULSE Yuhei Western Western · Kazuya Murata · Sho Kamada · Players 【Binding Appendix】 ● Special Dress Up Stickers

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