DX Build Driver

DX Build Driver

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Pre-Order Details
Preorder Date: 2018-02-12 until finish slot
Release Date: -
Arrival: Early 2018-03
  • RM320.00
Department Kamen Rider
Series Kamen Rider Build
Genre Kamen Rider Belt

- From [Masked Rider Build], the transformation belt and holder became a set, [DX Build Driver & Full Bottle Holder Set] appeared!

- Set 2 full bottles to DX build driver! Turning the lever activates the rotating gimmick, and the transformation sound is activated with the light!
- Turning the lever again will activate a rotating gimmick and will fire a deadly sound with the light!
- With the included rabbit full bottle and tank full bottle, you can transform into a mask rider build rabbit tank form!
- You can also enjoy a form change using the included vacuum cleaner full bottle.

- Full bottle holder attached to the build driver!
- Three full bottles can be set.

- set content
· Build driver · · · 1
· Full bottle holder ... 1
· Rabbit full bottle ... 1
· Tank full bottle ... 1
· Vacuum Cleaner Full Bottle ... 1
· Instruction manual ... 1