Cu-poche Friends Cinderella

Cu-poche Friends Cinderella

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Preorder Date: 2018-06-12 to 2018-07-25
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Arrival: Early 2018-12
  • RM250.00
Department Anime
Product Line Cu-Poche
Genre Action Figure
- [QUE POSH] is the cute moving figure of pocket size, moving, fun moving characters of 2.3 headbands.

- [QUE POSH FRIENDS] is a series of original characters designed to make full use of the characteristics of the cue Posch series.
- You are always the only partner that keeps you closer closely.

- Princess line up on a character like Otogi line as if it came out from the story!
- [Cinderella -Cinderella-] is a godly and humble girl.
- Transparent glass shoes, plenty of long dress, tiara shines on the head.
- The pumpkin carriage transforms into a crown quickly. The back hair can be changed to long hair.

- Let's go to the party with a beautiful Cinderella!

- set content
· Glass shoes
· Pumpkin carriage
· Long hair parts
· Replacement wrist set (flat hand, hand grips, handles)
· Exclusive base (corresponding to foot magnet)
· A set of movable columns (support posts, support arm, extension parts (thin and thick))
· Storage chuck bag

- Prototype production: Tao Ming