Cu-poche Extra Boy Body

Cu-poche Extra Boy Body

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Pre-Order Details
Preorder Date: 2018-06-12 to 2018-07-25
Release Date: Late 2018-11
Arrival: Early 2018-12
  • RM120.00
Department Anime
Product Line Cu-Poche
Genre Action Figure
- [Cucoso Push Ekusutora] series, bodies for boy body body appeared ♪

- [QUE POSH] is the cute moving figure of pocket size, moving, fun moving characters of 2.3 headbands.
- The boys' body (body) is boldly exposed joints assuming that they wear clothing clothing, so the range of movement of the body part is greatly improved! I was able to sit down.
- Hirate parts with an angle that holds hands on the ground when sitting, popular Samsup, hand parts with outstanding power, etc. are attached, the range of expression also expands.
- Since the head is not attached to the product, please put on your [QUE POSCH] head and dress in your favorite clothes ♪

- set content
· Boys body (without head)
· Replacement wrist
· Exclusive base & support (corresponding to foot magnet)

- Prototype production: Kotobukiya

※ The head is not included in the product.