-5% Builder Parts HD MS Sight Lens 01 (Green)

Builder Parts HD MS Sight Lens 01 (Green)

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Product Line Builder Parts
Scale 1/144
Genre Detailing Kits

- July 2012, a new line appeared in the builder's part! In the Detail-Up Parts, the Gundam
More enjoyable!
- Builders' and HD parts is parts ... remodeling official attention to detail. With Gundam
Part composition was conscious of compatibility is, of course, adopted the split parts considering the coloring. In addition, the
If you are using the material PS, you can easily cut, glue, and coloring.
- Multi-purpose lens part consists of the lens unit and the base. Can be used in a wide range of use split!
- Lens as the site is, of course, such as the diversion of how to use the nozzle to the scope and infinite!

- The content of the commodity species: 3 Φ2.5 lens ×, species 3 Φ3.0 lens ×, species 3 Φ3.5 lens ×, species 3 Φ4.0 lens ×,
Lens 3 Φ5.5 species ×, 3 × seed each pedestal <× 2 Sets>