1/8  Toru Amuro

1/8 Toru Amuro

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Preorder Date: 2018-04-16 to 2018-06-20
Release Date: Early 2018-10
Arrival: Early 2018-11
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Department Anime
Series Detective Conan
Scale 1/8
Genre Static Figure

- From [Detective Conan], popular character, 'Anpanori' is three-dimensionalized!
- A mysterious man with 'three faces (triple face)' 'of' Anpanryu 'as a private investigator,' Yukiya Yuki 'as a public security police, and' Bourbon of black 'organization.
- Only characters who hold the key of the story are expected to be active in theatrical version, and are now popular characters with a high degree of attention by Conan fans.
- Precisely reproduced details of the trained body of the animal room with a big scale of 1/8 (23 cm), the jacket and the summer sweater reflected the latest setting of this theatrical version.
- The figure that transformed the jacket that seems to start moving now expresses parenthesis that made Amiyu's refreshing.