1/72 Armored Core UCR-10/L AGNI

1/72 Armored Core UCR-10/L AGNI

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Pre-Order Details
Preorder Date: 2018-05-02 to 2018-05-28
Release Date: Late 2018-09
Arrival: Early 2018-10
  • RM235.00
Department Anime
Product Line Armored Core
Series Armored Core
Scale 1/72
Genre Snap-fit Model Kit

- Armored Core V Variable, Infiniti. The series finally started!

- PlayStationR3, Xbox 360R game [Armored Core V] appeared full with.
- We will deliver the weight feeling created by high-density detail at Plakit.

- Four types of attached weapons with volume are equipped with both hands and both shoulders, Sniper Cannon [HARICOT SC61] goes to [ERBSEN SC62], Battle Rifle [KO - 2H6 / STREKOZA] to [KO - 2H4 / PODENKA] , It is possible to reproduce two kinds of shapes by selecting parts.
- In addition, it is possible to reproduce the medium-weight type leg [ULG-11 RAINIER] and the light weight type leg [ULG-10 / L] in a selective manner, the arm part can be reproduced by selecting the shoulder part and the forearm part [UAM- 10 / R] [UAM - 10 / L] can be reproduced.
- Sniper Canon 's shooting time `has been reproduced with the exclusive parts of the deployment method that exists only in settings.

- Three-dimensional modeling on 1/72 scale, which is mostly in military models, can produce displays with various military models such as tanks.
- Since a special display base is attached, you can enjoy a stable display even in the state of holding a large weapon.

* There is no compatibility of parts with the conventional VI series.