1/72 Armored Core UCR-10/A Venjens

1/72 Armored Core UCR-10/A Venjens

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Pre-Order Details
Preorder Date: 2018-05-02 to 2018-05-28
Release Date: Late 2018-09
Arrival: Early 2018-10
  • RM335.00
Department Anime
Product Line Armored Core
Series Armored Core
Scale 1/72
Genre Snap-fit Model Kit

[Ahh? Try it !!]

- <Armored Core V Valiable. Infiniti.> A betrayal of RD who betrayed resistance, enterprise thugs in the series [Vengeance] appeared!

- Overwind Weapon (OW) [Olympus blade] which is the biggest feature of the fuselage is reproduced with high dimensional modeling / gimmick. The blade part is flexibly movable, and the sequence from the standby state to the activation state can be reproduced.
- Two sets of display base and support arm are included, you can enjoy a stable display even in the state of holding a large weapon.
- KE defensive type head [UHD - 10 TRISTAN] comes with a head that was developed during normal time and OW activation.
- Pulse machine gun [UEM - 34 MODESTO] and rifle [URF - 15 VALDOSTA] are included as normal equipment.
- A decal that can reproduce the aircraft emblem is attached.
- Three types of head parts (UHD-10 / I ARTHUR (OW triggering)), [UHD-10 / A GAWAIN (normal time · OW triggering)]) and [UCR-10 / I ] Included for core parts that can reproduce. Combined with [UCR - 10 / L AGNI (Agni)] on sale, wide customization is possible.

※ This product is not compatible with VI series products other than Series <Armored Core V Variable. Infinity.> Series.