1/72 Armored Core GA GAN01 SunShine E Feedback

1/72 Armored Core GA GAN01 SunShine E Feedback

  • Product Code: KT-VI063
  • Availability: Pre-Order
Pre-Order Details
Preorder Date: 2018-05-02 to 2018-05-28
Release Date: Late 2018-09
Arrival: Early 2018-10
  • RM215.00
Department Anime
Product Line Armored Core
Series Armored Core
Scale 1/72
Genre Snap-fit Model Kit

- Armored Core for Answer GA best next [Feedback] sortie!
- Change the molding color to feedback only color to further enhance the robust form.
- Newly added old-fashioned bazooka's arm weapons and leg stabilizers of distinctive new shaping.
- The range of assemble is expanded newly to the ACVI series so far.
- Although it can be enjoyed enough even with a single kit, it is also possible to combine with your VI series [your own aircraft] to reproduce.