1/6 ULTRAMAN SUIT Stealth Version

1/6 ULTRAMAN SUIT Stealth Version

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  • Release Date: Late 2018-04
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GenreAction Figure

- Than the cartoon [ULTRAMAN], it appeared 1/6 scale ULTRAMAN suit of full moving!

- Than the cartoon [ULTRAMAN] that Eiichi under opening Tomohiro Shimizu maker, hero [Hayata SusumuJiro] is to transform dressed in a special suit [ULTRAMAN] is appeared in the 1/6 scale action figures.

- Cartoon [ULTRAMAN] has been serialized in the monthly Heroes], positioned as the world outlook of Jitsuzuki of TV series [Ultraman] of 1966, January 2017, has come out book Volume 9 is.
- Only 40 years from a series of incidents of [Ultraman], legendary and has a past of memory [giant of light] is, after the fight with a number of huge alien people who invaded the Earth, returned to his hometown It was believed to something.
- Susumu Soda revealed his true identity as a was the Ultraman to a son Hayata SusumuJiro, SusumuJiro by using the Ultraman factors, along with the Institute of Science and Technology ready to fight the new threat of alien as a new Ultraman proceed.

- Figure in 1/6 scale, total height of about 31cm. Whole body to have been using a dedicated body with a moving point of more than 40 places, equipped with eyes, chest of color timer, the LED light-emitting function in Supeshiumu ray generating device of the arm.
- In addition to the head of the helmet, as a replacement for the head, comes with a sculptor SusumuJiro of the true face head Oyama dragon Mr. was in charge of the prototype.
- In addition, the exchange formula (pause hand a pair of relaxed, open hand a pair of fist one-to-hand pair of Supeshiumu ray launch pause) wrist all four pairs of, and also comes with effect parts for Specification Umm blade.

- Product Specifications
- 1/6 scale, total height about 31cm
- Using a special body, the whole body in full action figure having a movable point of more than 40 sites
High detail paint, decals, and Weathering representation
- Head replacement type of helmet and SusumuJiro head (creating a prototype of SusumuJiro head: dragon Mr. Oyama)
- Both eyes, the arm of Supeshiumu ray generating device, the light-emitting function mounted on the chest of the color timer
- Accessories: interchangeable wrist parts all four pairs (relaxed pose hand pair of open hand a pair of fist one-to-hand pair of Supeshiumu ray launch pause), effect parts for Specification Umm blade (clear parts)
※ The main AG1 button battery × 8 (batteries not included)