1/6 Kirie Kagarino Illustration by Jin Happobi

1/6 Kirie Kagarino Illustration by Jin Happobi

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Preorder Date: 2018-05-16 to 2018-06-13
Release Date: Late 2018-12
Arrival: Early 2019-01
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Department Anime
Series Bishojo Mangekyo
Scale 1/6
Genre Static Figure

- Occultic sensuality AVG [beautiful girl kaleidoscope - cursed legendary girl -], a mysterious and cool heroine · 篝 ノ ノ bran appears!
- Mr. Yahito Mitsuhito drawing beautiful original picture as it is, sitting on the chair with the handy red wine as one hand, reproduces a smiling smiling branch.
- It built over the details of the jet black dress that envelops it, the flowing flow of twin tails, garter tights and so on.
- Dresses can be cast off.
- Please enjoy the mysteriously embarrassing appearance of the fog branch by all means.

- Prototype production: EGG