SOLD OUT 1/6 Gokubi Girls Super Premium Ice Queen Yumi Sexy Lingerie Ver. [Senran Kagura: NewWave G Burst]

1/6 Gokubi Girls Super Premium Ice Queen Yumi Sexy Lingerie Ver. [Senran Kagura: NewWave G Burst]

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Release Date: Late September 2018
  • RM840.00
Department Anime
Product Line Gokubi Girls Super Premium
Series Senran Kagura
Scale 1/6
Genre Static Figure

- Any power is helpless in front of me.

- Cool beauty that aroused by secret power <ice son of Snow> was made into a figure.
- Thinkingly throwing away cute things, the image changed to a beautiful adult woman was first three-dimensionalized.
- Enjoy wearing the G-cup glamorous body dressed in sexy lingerie with ice-blue color, fascinating the battle mode with the ice sword on the left and the fan on the right.

- Initial figure of <ice King's Snow Springs>, aroused by secret power and became a cool beauty figure.
- Wavy long hair is reproduced with transparent PVC molding and precise coloring. You can feel UP of snow girl degree.
- Newly developed super beautiful white skin PVC is adopted in order to faithfully reproduce the setting that makes the awakening snow spring more beautiful white skin. Outstanding super beauty white skin has a big impact.
- Beautiful tits of the G cup wrapped in an ice blue collar bra is shaped to the fullest.
- The ice sword held on the left hand is precisely shaped according to the setting of the complicated shape. The color is reproduced with transparent PVC + transparent ABS molding and dense coloring.
- Fan held in the right hand reproduces precisely according to the shape and color setting.
- The design which expressed the world view with high quality thermal transfer is printed on the base.
- The brassiere parts are removable. * Removing pants with garter, thank you for your responsibility.

- Accessories: ice sword, fan, dedicated pedestal

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