1/24 Hexa Gear Scarecrow

1/24 Hexa Gear Scarecrow

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Preorder Date: 2019-09-13 to 2018-10-01
Release Date: Late 2019-01
Arrival: Early 2019-02
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Product Line Kit Block
Scale 1/24
Genre Snap-fit Model Kit
[Explanation of aircraft]
- `Second Generation Hexagia` that was deployed long before the third generation Hexagia was developed.
- Characteristic as Hexagia 's original multi - purpose heavy machinery remains remarkable, and it has a simplified structure as can be confirmed from its appearance.
- Due to its structure popularization worldwide as a semi-autonomous mobile weapon that can be manufactured at low cost. It is still operated within each company that currently joins the Liberty Alliance.
- Compared with the third generation Hexagia, the fighting ability of a single unit is low, there are few governors who are going to advance to the front by boarding this airplane, while the case where it is brought in as a heavy machine for engineering work supporting battle hexagia is very Many.
- A cylindrical unit [hexagram storage] located on both sides of the fuselage is a stocker that stocks the recovered hexagram and it is possible to substitute hexagram with reduced output by attaching it to another fuselage.

[Mounted Weapon]
- Ground chainsaw
- Machine gun
- Hexagram storage

[Product specification]
- Machine gun becomes recombination specification, it can also be used as `Weapon for Hexagia` which can be removed for [Bulk Arm α (Optional)] etc.
You can also enjoy it as a `weapon for the governor` by removing the stock part and installing a small grip.
- It is possible to remove the leg parts and use it as other arms of Hexagia.
- You can enjoy the ground chain saw equipped on the heel as a handheld weapon for the governor by removing it and using the attachment for the governor.
- Aside from the usual type, the control device comes with a (large) that allows you to board FA girls, so you can play beyond the series.
- The cylindrical unit [Hexagram storage] located on both sides of the fuselage can be removed from the fuselage, and it can also be used as a booster of other hexagia.

- accessories
· Grip for ground chain saw A left / right × 1 set
· Grip for ground chain saw B left and right × 1 set
· Stock for machine gun × 1
· Small grip for machine gun × 1
· Control device (large) × 1
· Archive card × 1

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