1/24 Hexa Gear Governor Zoanthropus-Lowe

1/24 Hexa Gear Governor Zoanthropus-Lowe

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Product Line Kit Block
Scale 1/24
Genre Snap-fit Model Kit
[Setting explanation]
- [Liberty Alliance] and [Valiant Force] crashed around the huge number of hexagrams produced in one crystal furnace.
- But one thing never goes into the hands of the two camps, all weapons change to a corpse.
- The dazzling governor of Hexagram saw the last `` beast '' in the form of a man.
- The beast appeared around the crystal furnace and attacked without distinction of enemy ally and tried to overrun Hexagia who was present and took away all its hexagrams.
- Though it is a body of almost the same size as a human being, reaction speed and exercise performance exceeding that of the third generation Hexagia is confirmed, and this individual becomes known as `Zeantorops`.
- Although it is an unidentified aircraft whose detailed specifications are unknown, it is said that Zoatex is being developed in humanoid aircraft, which has been regarded as impossible so far,
- It is presumed to be one of the <hetero dox> which has its own technical capability from the ability to be isolated from all current [armor type] [parapoint] as well as belonging to neither camp.
- Their animality is very ferocious and SANAT is the most dangerous presence at present.

[Product specification]
- `Small size of 88mm total height` `Whole body 25 places' will move.
- It uses a plurality of materials of ABS, POM, PVC, and soft PVC is adopted for abdomen and lumbar, and boasts a wide movable range.
- A set of attached [Gram cutter] has 3 mm hard point set in the grip part and can be connected via mount parts.
- The chest armor comes with two types, the normal type and the movable specialized type, the movable specialized type can move the shoulder part forward more than the normal type.
- The head is `mandible` and` side edge` edge, but the chest and abdomen are partially painted white and the back purple.
- The back pack is equipped with `Connector` which can mount [Hexagram System] as standard and can mount the gram cutter.

- accessories
· Gram cutter × 1 set
· Gram cutter mount parts × 1
· Wrist part parts left and right (hand grip, facial expression slap, weapon holder)
· Hexagram manufactured by PVC × 1
· Archive card × 1

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