1/24 Hexa Gear Governor Para-Pawn LAT Mirror

1/24 Hexa Gear Governor Para-Pawn LAT Mirror

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Release Date: Late May 2018
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Product Line Kit Block
Scale 1/24
Genre Snap-fit Model Kit
[Setting explanation]
- Parapoint for special missions with appearance that closely resemble human body, manufactured for Liberty Alliance and sneakier into human society.
- Pseudo biological parts are used on the body surface, and discrimination by superficial observation is almost impossible.
- There are countless types such as `gender` `appearance 'according to the infiltration destination, but there are also plural homomorphisms assuming replacement.
- After completing the assignment, the aircraft shall be engaged in a new mission after the appearance has been reset.
- The consciousness / memory as an individual is downloaded from the information body of the generator shaft, and it is stored in the built-in storage medium.
- Dedicated armament is not set, you can master multiple armor types and weapons like human body.

[Product specification]
- Small size face parts are eye-printed specifications by inkjet printing.
- It is possible to assemble the head with `selection with headgear` and` without headgear` in selection formula.
- `Small size of 72mm total height` Full body of 20 places' can move.
- Multiple materials of ABS, POM, PVC are used, body armor boasts a wide movable range because it uses flexible PVC.
- The armament comes with a thing that can be used for an optional governor and a special thing integrated with the wrist.
- Light weight type blade can be mounted on the back using the attached attachment.
- The backpack pack is equipped with a `connector` that can be equipped with [Hexagram System], so you can enjoy various parts attached.

- accessories
· Headgear-free state hair parts × 1 set
· Lightweight blade (for back mount) × 1
· Blade mount parts for back × 1
· Gun knife (for leg mounting) × 2
· Left and right parts of the wrist (lightweight blade holder, gun knife holding, flat hand, handle holding, hand grip)
· Hexagram manufactured by PVC × 1
· Archive card × 1

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