SOLD OUT 1/24 Hexa Gear Governor Para-Pawn Expander

1/24 Hexa Gear Governor Para-Pawn Expander

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Release Date: Late May 2018
  • RM88.00
Product Line Kit Block
Scale 1/24
Genre Snap-fit Model Kit

- Special parapoint with the greatest fighting capacity at the moment, defending important facilities such as crystal furnace and generator shaft.
- It consists of a reinforced internal skeleton and the latest artificial muscle stretched all over the body, and it exceeds the sentinel type in all.
- The feature is not the increase of combat capability by extended armed like Ignite, but the performance of the aircraft itself is greatly strengthened.
- It is the biggest threat to the Liberty Alliance aiming to capture the crystal furnace held by MSG, and faithfully executes the best proposition [Project Ri Genesis] imposed by SANAT · Agent.

[Product specification]
- `Small size of the total height 82 mm '` whole body 27 places `can move.
- Use multiple materials of ABS, POM, PVC, boasts a wide range of motion because the abdomen and zonules use flexible PVC.
- Gatling blades of attached weapons can use flexible PVC for the zip section and correspond to various action poses. Besides, it can be connected with the attached 3 mm joint to form a double guttering blade.
- Because head is compatible with other governor, it is also possible to play with attaching sentinel type head.
- The backpack is equipped with a `connector` that can be equipped with the [Hexagram System] and can be fitted with a magazine unit connected to the guttering blade.
- Head part Camera and abdomen etc are part painted parts.

- accessories
· Gatling blade × 2
· 3 mm joint × 2
· Magetic unit × 1
· Zonal Band (left and right)
· Wrist part parts left and right (hand grip, slap, weapon holder)
· Hexagram manufactured by PVC × 1
· Archive card × 1

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