SOLD OUT 1/12 Little Armory (LA044) AUG Type

1/12 Little Armory (LA044) AUG Type

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Release Date: Late October 2018
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Department Anime
Product Line Little Armory
Series Little Armory
Scale 1/12
Genre Snap-fit Model Kit

- AUG is an automatic rifle developed in Austria in the 1970s during the bullpapped rifle creation period.

- The bullpup structure which holds the engine part in the part corresponding to the stock and which is compatible with the length and compactness of the barrel was promoted in each country at that time, but the AUG has made modular structure and weight reduction by adopting resin parts It features the feature.
- It is possible to change to a machine gun type · sub machine type by module exchange according to the purpose, and it can be easily replaced even at the time of failure.
- From this design aware of the operation as a military gun, it was given the name [Armee Universal Gewehr = Army general purpose rifle].
- Kit includes a scope - Reproduces the basic military model AUG A1 with 20 inch barrel.
- We adopted the OD receiver, clear magazine.

- Foregrip of falling selection formula
- Magazine is removable

- AUG box art draws down a new writer Yu Gen !!

- Total length: about 6.5 cm
- Body color: Black · Green

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