1/10 ARTFX+ The Defenders Iron Fists

1/10 ARTFX+ The Defenders Iron Fists

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Preorder Date: 2018-03-13 to 2018-04-30
Release Date: Late 2018-08
Arrival: Early 2018-09
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Department Marvel
Product Line ARTFX+
Series Marvel Universe
Scale 1/10
Genre Static Figure

- ARTFX + MARVEL Comics series following [Avengers], [X-MEN], [Spider-Man] has also selected the topic 'Defenders' by dramaization by NETFLIX.

- Concept art will be the first tag with Kotobukiya, handled by Dale Keown and prototype will be followed by Mr. Junnosuke Abe (RESTORE) of the world.
- The collection of MARVEL Comics characters unified on 1/10 scale of approximately 20 cm will be further expanded.

- Hidden superstition Kim Lun bridged the test and his name that came back to NY, yes, Iron · Fist!
- Not only the current Iron Fist (Danny Land) but also three-dimensionalization based on costume revamped by David Aja than Immortal · Iron Fist, a masterpiece comic, closer to their roots in the past.
- Fighting spiritual centering on the power of the legendary Shin Dragon and Kenpo, and symbolizing him fighting with the power of `Qi`, he concentrated the power of` Qi` on that fist and charged his fist of death I made it three-dimensional with a fighting pose.

- As the specification common to the series, magnets are built in the soles of the feet, and it is possible to fix it on a square pedestal with a steel plate.
- Team up at home as a group of [Heroes for Hire] in combination with [ARTFX + Defender's Luke · Keiji] on sale as well as a group of [Defenders] that are on sale!

- Prototype Production: Jun Tokuke Abe (RESTORE)